BATAM, Indonesia

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    QA TECHINICIAN Mechanical Completion


    1. Responsible for check and review all documentation of in-house inspection and testing of parts/products and Production Order to ensure are in order for compliance to the Aker Solutions Quality Program and applicable procedures, ISO 9001 and API Spec. Q1 Quality Management Systems and customer specification requirements.
    2. Responsible for overall of daily check and review of all inspection and testing, Welding WPS/PQR and NDE inspection documentations, part/product mill certificates are in compliance with Production Order Packages, Aker Solution Quality Program, ISO 9001, API regulatory and customer specification requirements.
    3. Responsible to maintain and update all documentation related to Aker Solution document management in Local Operating System Procedures are in compliance with Aker Solution Global Quality Management Systems, ISO 9001 and API Q1 Standards requirement.
    4. Liaise and work closely with relevant department to resolve any quality audit issues to improve the overall quality standards in order to ensure the audit process run smooth and effectively.
    5. Responsible to initiate, recommend or provide the corrective action on deficiencies found during production and audit findings to prevent the occurrences in the future.
    6. Responsible to perform internal quality audit and external vendor quality audit.
    7. Responsible to update audit records and reporting for any quality audit issues to QA Supervisor or his designated personnel in regularly basis.
    8. Responsible to control and review the completeness of all Local Operating Systems Procedure prior uploaded into Operating Systems database.
    9. Responsible to kept and maintain all quality documentation records in proper manner for easy retrieve and traceability.
    10. Liaise and work closely with QA Supervisor to resolve any quality issues to improve the overall quality standards in order to ensure the process inspection run smooth and effectively.
    11. Responsible to update the inspection records and status into the SAP systems.
    12. Demonstrate the high performance to all QA Technician for the best industrial inspection practices.
  • Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Padang

    Machine Technical
    Mechanical Engineering

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About him

I am Andri Jaswin from Indonesia, exactly at Batam Island. Currently I am working at PT. Aker Solutions as a Quality Technician Mechanical Completion. Before it I was experienced in Casting company in Batam, That time we have project to make casting Anode for corrosion protection under water, the last project from Gajah Bahru for Saipem.

At Aker Solutions my job is to reviewing material document (millcert,coc,and ensure those document are available from vendor).

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